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Ordering and Payment Methods

The software is available for immediate download. Once you have purchased the product by filling in online order form, a license will be sent to you via email to unlock the software for use. You may download the trial software before or after you complete the purchase process.

Your license will be valid for all future versions of our products. You will never be charged for upgrades!

If you will not get your license within a reasonable amount of time (two business days for credit card payments), please notify us about that! We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused by those delays.

Order online using credit card

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This is the fastest and easiest way. Your credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor in a very secure manner, so that nobody else can see it. That protects you by ensuring that nobody but you and the credit card processor will see your card.

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Important: Please note that we DO NOT accept online orders from free or anonymous e-mail addresses like yahoo.com, usa.net, hotmail.com etc. If that's the only address that you have, please let us know and we'll find a solution to this problem. Alternatively you can pay by check or wire transfer. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

RegNowSome types of licenses for FlexibleSoft Dialer II and Absolute Time Corrector can be purchased through RegNow - it is the largest shareware registration service provider in the world. Please, select a payment processor of your choice.

To pay for FlexibleSoft Dialer XP PRO through RegNow, please, click here.
To pay for Absolute Time Corrector through RegNow, please, click here.

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50..100 licenses
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Unlimited license

Absolute Time Corrector




FlexibleSoft Dialer XP PRO




FlexibleSoft Dialer XP Lite




FlexibleSoft Launcher





Important: Our products are licensing on per computer basis, not per network, per site or per company.

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