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Flexible Album Studio
Flexible Album StudioFlexible Album Studio will help you create web galleries with your photos made with a digital camera or any other digital images. You will not need any knowledge in HTML or image editing. Just create a new project, add your photos to it, select one of the designs, specify the sizes of images and thumbnails and the program will do all the rest - you will only have to upload the final album to your site.

Main features of Flexible Album Studio:
  • Comfortable, nice and intuitive interface.
  • Arranging images in the order you need.
  • Rotating images.
  • Automatically resizing photos.
  • Supporting the following formats: jpeg, gif, png, bmp, pcx, tiff, wmf, emf.
  • Selecting designs that come together with the software or creating your own designs.
  • Supporting Windows XP, Vista, 7 styles.
  • And much more useful features.
Besides, if you specify the name, keywords and category of each photo, you will be able to quickly find and add new photos to your project. The keyword format is compatible with that of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom application. You can search for photos whose keywords were specified in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. 100% Free Download. 100% Free of Charge!

The program has a lot of macros that is why it is possible to create your own designs for web galleries, which can be interesting for those users who know HTML. Besides, we are going to extend the list of macros from version to version, which will allow designers to realize all their ideas.

Let us remind you that the program is under development and we are always glad to receive bug reports and suggestions concerning the further improvement of the program. The best gallery designs created by the users of the program will be included in the distribution package and the author of each design will certainly be mentioned in the documentation.