Absolute Time Server is a free, full-featured time server, which works as windows service and is fully RFC-868 and RFC-2030 compatible.


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Energy Spy
Energy SpyEnergy Spy is a small program that lets you schedule a shutdown, reboot, logoff, standby and hibernation for the local computer to be executed at a specified time. It also supports command line options that allow power-off to be used in batch scripts. You can set a keyboard shortcut for any action - shutdown, reboot, logoff, poweroff, standby, and hibernation. In addition, Energy Spy have many other additional features that are all accessible from the tray icon. You can open/close CD-drives, adjust computer time via internet time servers and do much more.

Energy Spy has great, easy-to-use, nice-looking interface. It also offers many useful features, which make your work fast and easy:

  • Hot-key control of shutdown, reboot, logoff, poweroff, standby, hibernate and turn monitior on/off;
  • Synchronizing your computer's clock with any Internet atomic clock;
  • CD eject/load using system tray and hot keys;
  • CD eject if system shuts down;
  • And more convenient features you need every day;
  • Minimum settings;
  • And more convenient features you need every day;
  • User-friendly technical support;

Save your time - install Energy Spy right now and you will be able to evaluate how comfortable it is for 30 days without paying a cent!